Motivational Jumpstart with Michael Mallery

Gayatri Phadke/ April 19, 2017/ More/ 0 comments

I happened to meet Michael Mallery, Jr. at a bowling outing with friends. Between rounds of bad bowling scores and good bar food, we chatted about life and grad school. 

What I didn’t know was Mike is the founder of I’m So Educated, described as an “Author, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Educational Consultant, Mentor, Visionary, and Humanitarian”. He often tours around the States inspiring high schools students to pursue their dreams/ life-goals, often with his award winning motivational seminar Respect the S.W.A.G. “Students With Academic Goals”. He’s also the host of radio talk show, Motivational Jumpstart on UConn’s radio station, WHUS.

So, a month later, I found myself being interviewed on radio (in July, 2016). We talked sexism, politics, women empowerment, and on a lighter note – settling into life in the US. A fun 30 minutes of conversation made my week.

Reflecting back on this interview, I find myself asking why I didn’t have enough notes with me. For example, I forgot the name of this journalist who reported on women in positions of power. Or the Chair of Federal Reserve System – Dr. Janet Yellen. I definitely feel critical of my presentation!

Another summer is around the corner. Since that interview, I have been talked to reporters three more times. Surprisingly, I found myself talking in sound-bites more often, almost instinctually. This past month, I ended up interviewing two scientists for a writing assignment. 

I have realized that interviews are hard! Planning for them is also incredibly difficult, no matter which side of the aisle you are in. Now, having provided fodder for my next blogpost, let’s wrap this one up.

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