This website is designed to explore life in all its facets — as a student, a teacher, a scientist, an activist, an immigrant, an ally, and definitely as a human being! It is a space created to foster discussions about science, policy, education, social justice, and much more, with a touch of global perspective.

Each of us has unique experiences, baggage, and expectations in life that shape our future and our impact on lives around us. My journey has taken me from a busy suburb of Mumbai, to a quiet isolated residential school in Andhra Pradesh, to the busy boroughs of London, UK, and presently to the serene small towns of Connecticut, USA. As a student nearly a decade ago, I made a choice to not study Biology for the last two years of high school and beyond. As a freshman in college, I turned away from a major in Economics to one in Chemistry.

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Today, I am in a doctoral program — studying Chemistry, but with biological systems. I am indeed a science major, but looking forward to beginning my professional life as a policy researcher (wishing I had, indeed, studied Economics). As life took me down these twisting roads, my dreams, hopes, and aspirations have changed. As sure as I am of this change, I’m equally sure mine is not an uncommon story. Just as I felt the need to talk to people through these pivotal points in my life, so do others.

This website is an effort to stay informed, and to share and develop opinions about events that influence society. Furthermore, it is a way to catalogue these in a format that goes beyond a personal diary.

I invite you along this journey of mine, not as a spectator, but as a travel-mate. Attended an event, read a book, found a quick and ‘delish’ recipe, met a person that inspired you? Share your story at this blog!

Consider this your support network, your e-community, your tribe!

Gayatri Phadke